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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Welcome, ALL, to the Friday thread for September 8th!

I have the dubious luck wherein the little things in life are going well and life is quiet. I guess that’s a good thing. But I’m not feeling it. I’m having very few “ah hah” moments, though I will pass on any nasty surprises, I mean those things that barge in like the worst sort of neighbors and you have to get used to them. <— I don’t have any of those to report.

I do have this. It happened to be there. And I had my camera. So...

Illustration for article titled I Happened on a Blue Truck

There are few vehicles around here that I would call ugly, yet few that make you look twice. People generally have nice rides, but most nice rides aren’t rare. This one *is*.

Such autos made an impression on me in early childhood. If I see one now, there is some kind of instant recall that’s more feeling than detail. And so it is very strong.

It’s like how you remember a certain subtle patch of color on someone’s door in the morning, but it was a long time ago, yet it’s burned into you. It wasn’t a primary color, it wasn’t even pastel, but you will never forget it, even if you forget everything else.

But do tell us of your unforgettable childhood first impressions. I remember red wagons, the loud colors of my sisters’ skipping ropes, those wooden blocks with letters and numbers on them, Plasticine. We loved Plasticine.

I could go on. Really I could. When you’re a kid, all those electroplated “ah hah”s are endless.

Let’s make that a theme, unless you have something more pressing to talk about. What’s an ah-hah for you? What *was* an ah-hah?

PS: For me lately, “Die Antwoord” is an ah-hah!, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad or neither.

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