Hello, friends. Last week was an eventful one in the Kinja-verse, as millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. For some reason, the Era of Pending Comments™ has yet to begin on Hackerspace, even though it seems to be in place in every other branch of Gawker I've checked. Unless one of you knows something I don't, the change should soon take effect here too, which means authors will need to:

1. Approve individual comments (by starring them)

2. Follow regular commenters for Hackerspace so their comments don't need to be approved

3. Soothe the concerned citizenry.

Here's how you do #2:


Now, would anyone like to host the open thread this Friday? If you're not all sick of me by this point, you should be.

PS: Where is BrokeinMileEnd?