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Installing Virtualbox on Linux and Windows

1: What is Virtualbox

Virtualbox is an X86 and AMD64 virtualization program owned by Oracle (after they bought sun) for enterprise and home use. It is a freely available open source package and runs on Windows, Linux, OSX and Solaris. The latest available version of Virtualbox is 5.0.16


2: Why install Virtualbox

There are two main reasons why you may want to install Virtualbox. First of all it has the capability to run almost every modern desktop operating system. This means you could see if you want to make a switch of operating system from Windows to Linux, Linux to OSX or OSX to Windows. Secondly it can run specialized versions of the Android operating system. This means if you wanted to see what a modern version of android looks like (without any skins) you could. This is useful if you are thinking of switching to a nexus phone or other android phone without an overlay of the UI.


3:How to install Virtualbox


Debian based linux distros (Ubuntu/Linux Mint etc)

In Debian based distributions of Linux you can install virtualbox and it’s guest additions package by typing in sudo apt-get install virtualboxinto a terminal window. Then accept the other packages that must be installed by typing y when apt asks if you woul like to install recommended pacages. When you are back to a terminal window you can type in you are done



In Fedora you need to install Virtualbox from…. There is a guide on there to show users how to install a package.


Arch Linux

On Arch Linux install the packages virtualbox, virtualbox-guest-iso, qt4 and jdk7-openjdk with the command


sudo pacman -S virtualbox virtualbox-guest-iso qt4 jdk7-openjdk


On Windows download the package VirtualBox 5.0.16 for Windows hosts from Then navigate to the folder you downloaded double click on the .exe file and then accept the UAC request.


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