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Internet Explorer in Windows 7 - some things you probably don't realize.

For the open-minded among us who don't fear IE here's a few little things you might not know about which will enhance your use. Dissers go here and see what's really going down.

First, if you're making more than a couple of changes to IE's settings don't click Settings/Internet Options; Go to Control Panel and open Internet Options from there - that way you get a non-modal dialog box. In English this means you can still click in the browser with the dialog box open.

While you're in Settings go to Connections/LAN settings and uncheck Automatically Detect Settings. IE will start almost instantaneously next time you open it.


Hit F11 to go to Full Screen view. Right click in an empty spot in the Tab Bar and uncheck Auto-Hide. You get the benefits of an almost full-screen browser without the address and tab bar disappearing all the time.

While in Full Screen mode you can get the Start Menu back by pressing the Windows key once and get access to the Task Bar by pressing it twice.

You can get easy access to your Bookmarks in full screen by setting up the following.

In Windows Explorer go to C:\users\yourusername\ and find the Favorites folder. Drag this on to the Favorites item in the left pane and a shortcut is created. Now right click on the task bar and select Toolbars - you may have to enable this first - and select New Toolbar. An Explorer navigate box appears. Click the Favorites shortcut in Favorites in the left pane and click OK. Your new toolbar appears on the taskbar and clicking any link in it will either open your (default actually - not necessarily IE) browser or go to that page if the browser is already open.


If you want to sync your IE bookmarks to your Chrome browser on your Android phone download and install Chrome on your PC and sign in with a gmail address. (don't worry - you don't need to use Chrome any more). Now download and install the free version of Xmarks. Xmarks will sync your IE to desktop Chrome. Chrome will sync itself with your Android Chrome.

You can go to Internet Options/General/Language to change your URL suffix completion preferences.


If you're sick of seeing the Favorites Bar item in your Favorites open an Explorer window as Administrator (Start button/type cmd/right click/open as administrator/type explorer.exe/enter) go to Control Panel\Folder Options\View and uncheck Show Hidden Files. Now go to C:\Users\Username\Favorites and right-click Favorites Bar and select Hidden in the attributes section.

On some combinations of Windows 7 and IE9/10 you are unable to login to Gawker sites using OAuth with Twitter, Facebook, or Google due to the way Gawker codes its sites. To get round this upon accessing the Gawker page for the first time in a browsing session go through the OAuth process then click the Compatibility view indicator in the address box (it looks like a ripped sheet of paper. This will send your page layout haywire. Click it again and all returns to normal plus your avatar will appear indicating you are logged in.


If you have to use IE at work this will make life easier. The only thing mentioned that IT will probably have locked down is the Chrome syncing and the ability to Automatically Detect Settings. The others should be configurable unless your IT dept. are Nazis.

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