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Is a Better Spec'd Phone the Better Option?

So with all the new phones coming out now with better and even crazier specs that blur the line between PC and mobile device it makes some wonder whether or not they really need a phone with top specs and whether or not its actually beneficial to them in any way, shape or form. Recently I've had some time to compare some benchmark scores between one of the top flagships, the Galaxy S4, and one of the more budget options, the HTC One mini, in an effort to see whether more high end specs really do make a more accommodating phone experience.

I ran two benchmarks comparing the overall performance and web browsing capability. The first benchmark on Antutu between the S4 and One mini wasn't surprising with the S4 scoring a total of 25,298 and the One mini scoring a total of 11,289. The Sun-spider online benchmark was a bit different with the S4 scoring a longer load time of 1,238.9 milliseconds compared to the shorter 972.9 milliseconds on the One mini (most likely because the Galaxy S4's chip had more pixels to push on a higher resolution screen).


Final Thoughts

In my opinion I think either phone would be a great option and the results don't really speak out in terms of real world performance. When you take into account how bloated and feature packed Samsung's Touchwiz skin is compared to HTC's near stock rendition of Android with Sense 5 you notice that sometimes, actually on multiple occasions, you get a much more smoother, lag and/or stutter free, experience on the One mini. Not to mention the 5 inch form factor on the S4, no matter how thin, might not be suited for everyone like the slim and more compact 4.3 inch screen and body on the One mini.

If you'd like to see some video to go along with the article feel free to watch:

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