Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

It is quite literally less than ten minutes work to create an impressive, professional, and functioning app on your Windows Phone. The following instructions detail how to make a Lifehacker newsreader. It's a very simple app.

The Lifehacker comments aren't visible because they're not provided by the feed and you're unable to post (it's a newsreader). Nevertheless you'll feel a sense of accomplishment when it succeeds.


The app simply grabs the Lifehacker full feeds and displays them.

Go here and sign in with your Microsoft account. You will need to be a registered developer. If you have WP8.1 then you are a 'dev'


Click Start new project and then select empty app on the next page. An image of a phone and a tablet appear – click Create.These instructions will create a simple app using Lifehacker's public RSS feeds I listed below.

Give your app a name – I called mine alt.lifehacker.

Click the RSS button and enter a section name – simply using Lifehacker, Hackerspace, etc. will do.


In the RSS URL box enter the appropriate Gawker RSS feed below and hit Confirm

Repeat again clicking the RSS button to fill three more pages using the info below




After Hours

Two Cents

When you're finished click the Themes tab and select your theme – light or dark

Clicking the Tiles tab lets you alter the behavior of the live tile. It's pretty intuitive.


Skip the Publish tab this time around, this prepares your app for publishing to the store and I've not gone that far yet – it needs some preparation regarding selecting a unique name etc.

Instead hit Finish. You'll see images of the phone and tablet again showing a live view of your app! Check the prerequisites are complete – they should be - then click generate and select where you want your app to go – phone or phone and tablet.


You'll get an email with a link to download your app to the phone.

Click the link ONCE on your phone. Somewhat confusingly it returns back to the same page and looks like nothing's happened but it has. Check your app list and your app is there.


Click, run, enjoy, be a dev.

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