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Welcome to the weekly WhitenoiseHackerspaceGroupthinkPowder RoomOdeckTayOppoBacktalkClashtalkCrossTalk, & Gawrker cross thread. It’s thirty degrees out and snowing sideways today but it’s going to be 60 on Saturday! *sigh*

Well, it’s two days after Valentine’s day and I’m still in a bit of a sugar coma. All that lovely chocolate that’s on sale for half off the day after doesn’t help! How did the rest of you do? Even when I was single, I loved the holiday because...chocolate! Did you go out? Stay in? Celebrate? Ignore? Husband and I don’t really do anything anymore. We’ve been married too long though we do say Happy Valentine’s day and I make a nice dinner. But that’s it. And I get chocolate. Did I mention that I love chocolate? What’s your favorite Valentine candy? I also love the Sweettart Hearts Lollipops. They. Are. Awesome!


So, our living room area is almost done and the next one to tackle on our own (we’re paying someone to do the bathroom!) is the ‘useless room’ that has nothing in it but my baby grand. I have a long wall in that room that’s inset just deep enough that I could make the entire wall a bookshelf. Since I am a voracious reader and brought about 3,000 books here when we moved two years ago (yes, I gave away tons!) I want bookshelves again. Which brings me to...any of you seen the Ikea Hackers website? It’s filled with Ikea hacks from, mostly, everyday people. I found a bookshelf hack using their Billy Bookshelves that I think would work perfectly:

The wall I’ll put them on is twice as long as this setup, but it will work great! You can’t see the detail as much unless you blow the image up, but the trim and cove moldings really make the units stand out, so I think this is going to be my next project. Except I’ll paint them black.

Have you hacked anything like this? Did it work out? Too complicated? Never do it again? Pictures? We’d need to see pictures! Because my next hack once the ‘useless room’ is done is to paint my kitchen cabinets and the countertop until we can get to that room in two years.


If anyone of you is interested in hosting a Cross Thread, please let us know in the comments and story will get in touch :)

So, Talk to us! Let us know what’s up. Projects, designs, plans, hacks, the weather.  Almost anything at all. But as always, no politics. There are too many other places in the Kinjaverse for that.

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