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IT’S OCTOBER!!! I love Halloween. I love the colors and the sights and the sounds. I love the old black and white movies like DRACULA with Karloff and THE WOLFMAN with Chaney, Jr.

I’m a huge PHANTOM OF THE OPERA fan and still think Lon Chaney was superb. Because it’s not only black and white but silent as well, things had to be much more expressive than now with all the digital and CGI enhancements and such. A little known fact about Chaney, Sr...if you have ever watched the film and paid any attention at all to his hands, the movements they evoke tell a story all their own. I did not know the first 20 times I watched that movie that his parents were both deaf and through sign language, his hands became like a musical instrument to him. And he plays them so well.


So, I know it’s still early in the month, but has anyone done anything yet for the holiday? Does anyone decorate their desks? Work areas? (because not everyone has an office space) Anything at all? Does your place of business frown on that? Do you decorate the house? Inquiring minds!

<—————-This is Louie. He is sitting in my lobby with me, keeping me company, and will get dressed up in a variety of costumes as the month progresses. Right now, the standard greeting I hear from people coming in is; "Boy, he's been waiting a long time!"

On another note, I have something I’ve been meaning to bring up for awhile. It’s a site run by a 15 or 16 year old girl called The Last Message Received. This young girl has several other sites as well, but TLMR is very popular. She’s even had a write up in the New York Times. I read through it every day, sometimes skimming and other times, reading in detail. Some of the posts are poignant, some are heartbreaking and some, I wanna reach through the interwebs and slap the person posting. If you’re interested, read through a few and let me know what you think!


Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on in your life. Comment on something above, or below. Share a favorite horror movie. Show us your costumes! But please, no politics. There are enough spots to go around to discuss politics. This is a politic free zone... :)

As usual, this Open Thread is brought to you by Hackerspace, who are thankful to Lifehacker for this opportunity to have an open forum for the LH/HS communities to congregate and figure out everything.

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