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Howdy, howdy! It’s another Thursday and time once more for an anti cross thread post!

Sorry I’m a little late, I’ve been making sauerkraut all day! We love it, eat it once a week and so it’s just more cost effective and sure tastes a lot better if I make my own. I’ve also been canning tomatoes and making pickles and pickled peppers since my garden is finally a rather alarming rate to be honest! But that’s good.


So, this is the eve of the Labor Day weekend for us here in the US. What kind of plans do you all have? We will be painting. And ripping out the rest of the front flowerbed stuff. I’d rather go away somewhere, but we’ll be doing that in a couple weeks, after all the regular tourists’ kids are back in school. We go to a little town called Caseville at the tip of the thumb in Michigan. It’s a lovely little town that’s overrun with tourists most of the summer and about 50,000 extra for the two weeks of the Cheeseburger Festival. So we wait. And this year, the weather is supposed to be warm so that’s a plus.

Anyway, like I asked, what are your plans for the weekend? Going? Staying? Just another few days? Inquiring minds...but as always, this is a ‘safe spot’ so please, no politics.

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