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Welcome to Hackerspace/the open thread, presented proudly by Lifehacker. Today is Friday the 13th! A day that strikes fear in those who are superstitious, a celebration of sorts for people who love Camp Crystal Lake! :) I’m not superstitious though I do toss salt over my shoulder if I’ve spilt it, only because my Scots gran was very superstitious. She also read tea leaves and played the horses based on the numbers she’d read. Did she really see something? I dunno, but she won way more often than not. So who am I to say?


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So tell me, are you superstitious? Do you avoid ladders? The number 6? No open umbrellas in the house? Mirrors? Do you have nightmares about serial killers who rise from lakes? Do you stay in bed on Friday the 13th? Let’s find out what your quirks and fears are below. But as always, no politics. This is a politic-free zone :)

PSA: Did you know that black cats are always the hardest to adopt out at shelters? If you’re looking to live with a cat (since we live with them, not the other way around) please don’t overlook what might turn out to be the best friend you’ve ever had. Adopt a black cat too!

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