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Yesterday was officially Pandemonium Day! All last week, every day was Pandemonium Day for me! Daughter #2 and her husband, their three cats and their rabbit stayed with us for 11 days between apartments. We are normally two adults and two Dobermans. It was...yeah. That. They left Tuesday and I was never so glad to get my house back, but I rather fancied I looked like the cat in the picture there ^ for the 11 days we were all in the same house together.

So, I have to mention it. I’m driving through our little town of Milford, MI on the way home yesterday. It’s small, about three blocks total, lots of great restaurants and shops, and the area is packed with teenagers and women, all doing what I’ve termed, the PokePose, staring at their phones, walking out into the road without looking up, all in search of Pikachu. At least, that’s what I’m guessing they were looking for. It was terrible trying to get through town. Are any of you into the whole Pokemon craze? I think it’s great as far as getting people moving, but really? Pay attention people!


Lots happening in the different Kinja areas this week; here’s a few!


What’s up for all of you this weekend? Anything fun? Are you Poking? Vacationing? Hanging home? We’re painting and trying to finish the room we’ve been working on since last August. Fireplace is done! Now all we have to do is finish the rest. Tell us what your plans are. Ask a question. Complain about anything that crosses your mind, but avoiding politics is much appreciated :)

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