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So, the theme this week is oceans. This is me when it comes to oceans. Wait, you say, ‘But that cat isn’t anywhere near the ocean!’ Yup, you got that right. I need to preface this by telling you all that I don’t swim. I can’t swim. I almost drowned as a child, it was a very close call and when I came to, I decided swimming wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That said, I’ll wander to my waist if I have to, but I much prefer my cool, crisp Great Lakes to the salt encrusted thing you become when you get out of the ocean. I like boats, I like floating in the water, I live in an area in Michigan that is nothing but lakes, all-sports lakes, fairly large lakes. But I do not swim. Nope, no thank you.


Our next door neighbor hacked together a great swimming pool for his family. He lined the 8' bed of his pickup with a heavy duty plastic liner, filled it with water and his teenaged daughters spent their 90 degree day in it.

What about any of you? Do you swim? Most people do. Visited the ocean? The Great Lakes? Prefer the Dunes to the water? Hacked some kind of water thing together to keep cool?

Take note here! This is from story and it’s all official. Yay us!


Also, this (much larger than the truck bed):


And this! (After all these years, Finally!)


And let’s not forget this one!


Tell us what your ocean/water plans are this weekend. Ask a question. Complain about anything that crosses your mind, but avoiding politics is much appreciated :) There are more than enough Kinja spots for politics.

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