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Holy Christmas, what a week! Welcome to Open Thread Friday, brought to you by those oh-so-special elves at Hackerspace.

Some of you might have seen this yesterday and think you’re seeing things, but story and I got our wires crossed so I’m reposting today!


What a last two weeks this has been! I’ve had my sister-in-law in the hospital, then Oldest Daughter in for emergency spine surgery, I “retired” from my job last Friday and this week, I’ve been Oldest Daughter’s UberDriver since she’s not allowed to drive for another week and on Tuesday, my new furniture was delivered so I have two of everything in the house right now and no place to put anything. This means, all the plans I had for this week, quiet cookie baking, cleaning, more decorating, is all on hold and I can’t wait for everyone on Christmas Eve to have to walk around all this mess! Needless to say, I didn’t get much of a chance to read most of the posts this week, so if you read one that’s really good, post it in the comments!

Did we discuss favorite Christmas Movies yet? Let’s get a list of those Christmas movies you can’t get through the holidays without. Doesn’t matter what their content, some people just have to have a specific movie to get them in the mood. Mine is the Scrooge version with Alistair Sim. Christmas Vacation ranks right up there though!

And while we’re on the subject of comments, tell me what you’ve done this week. Are you off work? Have to work? Are you ready for Christmas? Hanukkah? Whatever holiday you celebrate? Having family? Killing family? Running away from family! Got any good Christmas stories? Any bad ones? Short, long, doesn’t matter. Inquiring minds!

But please, my customary disclaimer. It’s the holiday season. No politics. There are a lot of other Kinja sites to discuss those on.


And as always, if you’re interested in hosting a Cross Thread, let us know in the comments.




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