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Welcome to Hackerspace! The reader run community where, on Fridays, you can stop by and say hello, tell us about a hack you did this week or just chit chat the day away.

Since the theme this week is get to see my pets! These are my dogs. Frick and Frack, er...I mean Ciine (Coon-yeah which means dog in Romanian and don’t ask) the red one and Murphy, the rescued blue one. This is their usual dog pile except for those times when we have something like the next picture. That


would be the husband at the bottom of the pile. This is their second favorite way to sleep. All three of them!

Gotta love ‘em!

By now, most of you have experienced some fallout from the sale of Gawker and the fact that now, a lot of us are being followed by the sub-blogs of the main blogs we followed. I know, it sounds confusing and it is a bit. But I’m sure things will sort themselves out and am hoping the sub-blogs I love will remain. Many of you have also noticed that Kinja is not working correctly all the time. For me, it’s been freezing which for some odd reason also causes my Newsblur feed reader to freeze. Nothing else on any other site does so I know it’s Kinja. I have a theory but in the meantime, I’ll just wrap my laptop in aluminum foil and hope for the best ;) I do think it’s a great example of how not to hack things and sure hope it straightens itself out.


Let’s talk about anything that blows your skirt up today. Except politics. This is always a politics free zone. There are way too many places in the Kinjaverse to argue, um...discuss politics so if you’re inclined to want to talk that, please not here. Anything else today is fair game! Hacks, DIY’s, what’s happening to our Kinjaverse here, your pet’s latest cute, cars you love, food you nom on, what have you. Post pictures! I love pictures. Poems, music, videos, the weather...what have you. And because this was my yesterday and what my life revolves around with my job, I posted a few here: Pictures. Also, for those of you who missed it, this is one of my favorites... How to Give a Cat a Pill

You’ve seen my pets. Let’s see what you’ve got! :)

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