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It's Story Time in the Friday Open Thread!

Welcome to the Friday thread! It’s March 4 and what that means is that winter is on death row. Should be gone from here in another couple of months. In any case my bike silently and patiently awaits the first warm dry day.

I swear, some years, it’s like Old Man Winter went to his cupboard, tipped back an extra gallon of exlax, and took a royal dump of the white stuff on my part of the country. This year tho, has not been too bad. Just that ‘not too bad’ goes on for too long. I like the smell of things thawing out, even mud. I like the sound of snow melting off the eaves. I have since I was a kid.

So anyway. I have lots to say, really I do. But it adds up to nothing significant when I look it all over.

So color my world. Color our world. It doesn’t take much. Just say what’s up. Whenever I get my hair and beard cut, I ask my stylist to tell me a story. So she’ll tell me something from her life, whatever’s going on. So have at it!!

I’m off to go find the Recommend button. Kinja moved it again.


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