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App Review: Karma Train – there is a snoo kid on the block

Karma Train for iPhone, Free with NO ADS

A new beautiful reddit client has showed up


If you are an avid Reddit user like me then you really need to check this app out. Karma Train for iPhone is absolutely beautiful and extremely functional out of the gate; with a card-like article view, and clean UI and very easy to see comments it makes browsing reddit on the iPhone a very nice experience indeed. I was also incredibly impressed with the fact that you can view and make Multireddits, although I would love to be able to edit them which I'm sure can be added in a future update.


The features of the app are quite decent for the 1.0.1 version that it is. You can easily browse the front page or any other sub for that matter. It only supports one account for now but we will see if it gets added in an update in the future. You can easily swipe right to bring up the navigation drawer on the side, there you can jump around to your subscribed subreddits and even your mulitreddits. Settings is also there for a few more features to check out.


You can set the number of posts to retrieve, the default number is thirty but can be set as high as one hundred, which will take longer to download which he kindly notes under the setting. You can also set it to go where you want in a sub, for instance if you always want to see "New" or "Top" posts instead of "Hot" there is an option for that. You can set gifs to be shown in-line, which will potentially slow down your device especially the older ones. You also have the same options as above for when viewing comments, you can load up to one thousand at a time if need be.

Last but not least for features...


Nightmode! or "Owlmode"

My favorite feature by far is one that is beginning to become more commonplace among app developers; night mode, or as he calls it here "Owl Mode". There is even the ability to schedule it, being the first app I've seen to add this functionality, my hat is off to the developer. I am hoping it catches on and creates a trend. As far as I've seen, owl mode lives up to any other night mode I've seen yet and then some, the shades aren't too dark and the contrast is completely perfect.


Here is a good shot of the comments view, it is very easy to read and you can slide left to bring up a little translucent menu to upvote, downvote, reply, favorite, and flag the post. Swipe right or tap on the x on the right to clear it and get back to browsing.


Bottom Line:

At the end of the day there a lot of reddit clients on the app store and everyone has different needs, but Karma Train will impress almost anyone with an eye for design and a penchant for the perfected pixel. If you use reddit, have an iPhone and aren't a bore go check out this FREE app with NO ADS today!


It's free, with no ads!

What could you possibly lose, click that dang link below why don't you?

Karma Train (iPhone) – (Free) (No Ads)

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