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Kick Back And Relax In The Friday Open Thread

Welcome to the weekly open thread where Lifehacker (and Hackerspace) readers share tips & tricks, seek advise, or just stop by to say “hello” and talk about whatever’s going on. Working on a project, or got any fun weekend plans you want to share? This is the place for that.

Hackerspace is the reader run sub-blog of Lifehacker, and the open thread is a great way to get to know everyone, and give or get some advise or just shoot the breeze. If you’d like to be able to write on Hackerspace, make a request in the comments, maybe include links to things you’ve written, and you should be good to go, there’s even a handy guide.


It’s been a pretty busy and active week around here. We’ve got advice on hassle free holiday planning from Anthony Dejolde. There’s also some advice from always helpful poster Elena on learning from the mistakes of 50 Cent, 7 items to make household cleaning easier, and suggestions on well paying degrees. And recent contributor Sara McGuire shares her advice on when it’s ok to say no at work.

Today’s gif is homemade, with video taken using my Nexus 5, and the very helpful but poorly named (unless you’re trying to be found in search results) Android app Gif Edit Maker video.

And lastly, before we get started, a plug for a site about cats. People on the internet like that, right?

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