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Kinja Uniques

If you've been keeping up with the kinjaverse, you've probably heard about the kinja recruits program, and may even have seen a couple of recruits asking you to share their work far and wide. This is 'cause they're measured on the new visitors that they bring into their subdomain (whether it's kitchenette, roygbiv, space, two cents, dougdemuro, or another one I haven't heard of yet). So what does that mean?


So, if you wanna help the recruits out, you gotta share the hell out of their stuff-to other kinja communities, out on facebook or twitter, basically anywhere that it could reach a reader who's never seen that subdomain before.

Hat tip to Kat Callahan for telling me that hovering over pageviews shows the unique count.

ETA to clarify the whole subdomain thing: If you haven't been to hackerspace before/recently-thanks! You're one of the uniques for this post. If you have been here before, you're just lumped in with the total views. :p

ETA2: Only US uniques count.

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