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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

I have some thoughts about soundbases.

I found out for myself that a soundbase can’t be put just anywhere. I tried it under the tv, as a “base”. Supposedly that’s logical. It’s this one btw:


But... the soundbase apparently needs a firm base of its own. Only on a solid kitchen tabletop or countertop, does it put out the sound it was meant to.

That’s ok. I have such surfaces. But in order to use the tv with the soundbase, I’d have to take said tv out of the livingroom and set it in some awkward spot in the kitchen.

The soundbase sounds fine as a receiver for bluetooth audio, so long as it stays where it is.’

I will write this off as a lesson and a warning to others who might be as ignorant as I was. No rickety piece of furniture will do for holding one of these soundbases. You need a nice hard firm thick resonator board. I almost think the a/v store should have sold me such a piece of wood to go with the gear. Oh well.

I either have to get some kind of compact chunky tv stand, or go look for a larger soundbase, something with a cabinet around it, I guess.

I don’t know. Anyone want to comment on this? I suppose I could have done more research before looking at specific products to boost my tv. If I had, I might also come home with a nice big fat piece of lumber for my audio. : )

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