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Light Up Your Holidays with the Friday Open Thread

Hallelujah, Hacker Friends! It’s time once again for the Friday Open Thread on Hackerspace, brought to you by our benevolent over-elves at Lifehacker.

Our fellow Hackers brought us two interesting posts this week. Moon told us about Autohotkey and Batch Scripts. And Tanvir Zafar gave us some Great tips for holiday entertaining.  

Obligatory cute puppy Christmas photo

Now let’s get all Northern Hemisphere-centric as we take stock of some of the mid-winter feasts rubbing elbows in the next couple weeks. We’ve got Kwanzaa and the Hibernal Solstice and Saturnalia. This year Christmas and Hanukkah pair up when Hanukkah starts on December 24, Christmas Eve. And let’s not forget the festival we, well, forgot: Bodhi Day was earlier this month.

Apparently when it’s cold and dark, humans like to look forward to the return of longer, warmer days. Frankly, however, I know several mothers making Christmas preparations who’d like to go out to a movie and then out for Chinese, kosher or tref, on Christmas Day.

Hey, that line amused my brother-in-law Dave!

And allow me to hop up on my soapbox for a moment and lecture you on one of my pet peeves: the 12 Days of Christmas are NOT the twelve days leading up to Christmas. The 12 Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day and lead up to the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6, the day the Magi, tradition tells us, visited the Holy Family in Bethlehem. So amaze your friends and family with your knowledge of trivia. Or annoy the heck out of them, your choice! And you still have ample time to gather your geese and turtle doves, and leaping lords, and so forth. But don’t delay. I hear there’s a shortage of milk maids this year; they’re mostly going into STEM fields these days. The pay is better, and bosses usually don’t kick over the milk bucket just when you’ve filled it like cows often do.


So, what, if anything, will you be celebrating this year? How do you make merry? Are your preparations complete? Tell us about that or anything else on your mind in the comments.

In the meantime, Merry Newtonmas!

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