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Hi again, all you groovy Hackerspacers! I have decided on the Sony “HTXT1 2.1-Channel TV Base Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer”. There is an a/v store here, who will order it, and the Sony warehouse (or whatever) has 2 units in stock. Tomorrow I go in and put up a deposit and the store gets the order going. I should have this thing in about 10 days. If it happens that some other greedy swine have taken those 2 units, then it might be a couple of weeks to get to me. Either way, I’ll have my toy.

Thanks to all you fine geeks who gave me tips. Hackerspace rules!


Hey everyone! I hope somebody here can help. I own a 40" Sony Bravia TV. I want something to add to it, for better sound, as it has only its ******** built-in speakers. But I *don’t* want a multi-piece sound solution, rather a single item, something with the speakers packaged together. 5.1/7.1 <- those seem nice, but stereo (2.1) would be good enough for my needs.

Any ideas? I’m thinking something in the $300 range. As I said, I don’t want multiple parts to this sound system, but something self contained.



eta: The tv is a Sony KDL-40R550C.

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