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Looking for the most unique business cards? It will cost you

We live in a world where things change as quickly as they become prominent. Obviously, the business world is no stranger to such change as well. Business deals and transaction mechanisms have become so dynamic, and it is important for you to have a uniqueness that sets you apart from every other firm in your industry.

This uniqueness is what set you apart and it is what eventually forms your business identity.


However, another thing that has characterized this business worlds dynamic is the fact that a lot of things have become cheaper. One of these things is business cards. While its relative cheapness is in no large part to the fact that there are various ways of getting a business card now, a lot of people tend to believe that business cards are no longer relevant in today’s world anymore.

This is one of the most untrue statements that you can make. Business cards are still very much relevant, and here are a few reasons why

They’re awesome promotion tools: One of the best arts of having a business card is the fact that you can easily give it to someone and have that person refer you to a third person with the same card. As soon as you are able to deliver quality service to a client, you can almost rest assured that they will be passing your card too someone else.

They keep things formal and quick: One truth is this; you truly never know when a random encounter might turn into a business opportunity. So, as opposed to wasting time with introductions you can just as well give potential client your business card and have them contact you at a later date. Business cards help you maintain a professional front and they take of all the stress of introducing yourself every now and then.


They can form a part of your business identity: This is one thing that a creative and striking business card can help you with. Finding the perfect mix of colors and text can get you a unique and creative business card which for all it’s worth, will definitely keep you in the minds of your prospective clients.

Yes, business cards can go a long way in helping to market your business as well.


So, do you want the best business card? As stated earlier, getting a business card is definitely not as expensive as it used to be. However when you get your luxury business cards done by Jukebox, you can rest assured that you will be getting nothing but optimal value for your money.

At Jukebox, we are of the strong belief that not everything should involve a trade-off between being economical or convenient. Some things deserve to have a little bit of an extra edge to them, and we do our best to ensure that all of our designs business cards have that edge.


Business cards are still a highly popular source of marketing and represents you and your business, and if you want to represent yourself well with the best business cards available to you, you will have to shell out the big bucks. The business world is constantly changing, and the biggest risk in the business world is not taking any risks.

At Jukebox, you can get yourself a luxury business card for the simple price of $20 a piece. We strongly believe that getting yourself a good business card doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny, and we are doing or very best to ensure that all of our clients, no matter how much they can spare, will be able to afford a business card.

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