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Hey gang! I found this simple tweak and just had to share it! It seems the main method for getting websites into chromes app launcher or on the desktop is complicated and messy. It mostly involves creating the app yourself with a text file and such. This method is much simpler and much more effective in my opinion, and it helps in the long run!

1: Type in "chrome://flags" in your url bar on the top of Chrome. (Minus the quotation marks of course)


Once there, you should see a web page like this:

2: Click "ctrl" + "f" on your computer keyboard. This should open the find/search box in the upper right hand corner like the below image. Simply type in the word: hosted


3: Select enable on the indicated selection below.


4: After selecting enable, on the bottom of your screen you should see a button that says "relaunch" or "restart" depending on your OS. Press it.


5: Your browser will now refresh and you are all set! Now anytime you want to create an app for a website, simply press the menu button, the scroll down to more tools. Then select add a shortcut to this website.

On windows, this process will add the app/shortcut to your chrome app launcher, simply drag it off the launcher and onto your taskbar or desktop and you're good to go!


On Chrome OS, the process is similar, except Chrome automagically adds the shortcut to your taskbar.

Hope this helped you guys out! If you have any questions feel free to ask. There is a video up top if you prefer to see the steps in real time.

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