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Make Managing Bookmarks Way Easier with Underrated Web App,

Managing bookmarks in your browser is a pain. They can quickly become unruly, it's easily to collect duplicate bookmarks, and organizing bookmarks into folders-or god help you-tagging them all takes forever. (Seriously, I'm starting to think that browsers have some sort of conspiracy to make organizing bookmarks in your browser take as many clicks as possible.) Plus, I've noticed that the more bookmarks I accumulate, the slower my browser seems to move.

Luckily, there's a better way. web app that tech sites covered once or twice a few years ago and then completely forget about- makes organizing bookmarks as painless as possible. Essentially, is just a start page-one sheet where you can visually hold of all your bookmarks. What makes different is that-as the developers mention in their about page-you can "go crazy with it."


The Bookmarklet has a nifty bookmarklet that you can add to your browser. When you click on the bookmarklet, a little box pop-ups with the link name and address already filled in for you, with the option to add the link to a existing group or to create a new group for it on the fly. Not only does this make adding bookmarks incredibly simple, but the ability to automatically put your bookmark in the correct group and create new groups on the fly is just so simple and so amazing.

Choose Your Own Layout


If you don't like the layout uses, not a problem-if you go to the settings page, you can choose from 9 different templates. Don't like any of the templates? Still not a problem. lets you customize your start page with CSS, leaving you to make small tweaks here and there or to go all out and make your own layout from scratch.

Managing Your Links


Compared to managing your browser bookmarks in your browser, is not just intuitive and simple-it borders on joy to use. Click on "links" and your brought to the editing area. Here you can add new groups or bookmarks, change the color of the group heading, or organize and shift bookmarks and groups around through drag-and-drop.

But Wait, There's More!

  • Want access to your bookmarks on your phone? No problem-just go to[youer username] on any phone and there it is.
  • Want to be able to share your bookmarks with someone else? No problem-in the settings you have the option to make your bookmark page public or private.
  • Accidentally delete a bookmark? No deletes your bookmarks to a "trash" section, and holds them there for thirty days.

One of the greatest things is you don't have to give up your favorite start page to take advantage. The average start page is good for bookmarking the few sites you use daily and that's about it. Since is much fuller-featured and makes your links page easy to get to, you can keep your favorite start page, make one of the bookmarks on it, and click through to to get through to less-often used sites and helpful resources you've bookmarked.

Personally, I find the visual layout much easier to work with-I'm much less likely to forget about resources already bookmarked, and much more likely to actually see my bookmarks again. The bookmarklet, plus the dragging-and-dropping, lets me easily organize my bookmarks my the fly-preventing those misc. bookmarks folders that I have a tendency to build-up, and the drag-and-drop makes shuffling things around later a breeze. The amount of time I've saved on organizing bookmarks, finding and utilizing bookmarks, and re-hunting down links that I bookmarked and couldn't find again, is downright disturbing. is so one of those underrated tools I couldn't live without that nobody seems to ever use-or even mention.

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