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Make merry in the Christmas open thread

Welcome dear readers to the last open thread of the year, wherein I ask about holiday hacks and things you’re thankful for. On behalf of Hackerspace, I extend our eternal gratitude to soon to be (maybe already?) gone Lifehacker editor in chief Whitson Gordon.

Whitson has gone above and beyond in his support of this offbeat reader run space, always making us feel like valued members of the kinjaverse. Thank you for participating here, promoting this community to the larger Lifehacker community, and making sure we really felt heard. Whitson your exemplary commitment to the readers and kinja community will be sorely missed.


If you’d like to join our ragtag community, read up on us and just start commenting. If you’d like to write for us, ask in the comments. If you’re a new face around here, hi!...and please provide a link to the type of writing you’d like to do for us.

[image via cheezburger]

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