Welcome, ALL, or in Geek speak, *, to the Friday Open Thread. I’m Moon and I am once again your host for this Friday’s dance of random and informal yet informative keystrokes.

On your way in, you’ll notice that Marilyn is smoking. Forgive her, filthy habit though it is. If I could, I’d join her in a cigarette. Maybe you can puff without consequences in the afterlife. : )

And now, because Kinja must feed!, do kome forth, kids, kast off your kares, and komment kopiously!

If I might, I thought I’d put my question here: Who here is using Windows 10 and how are you liking it? I could ask elsewhere, but really those whiny squawling buzzards at TechNet are a bore and they make way more noise than signal. Same goes for the forums at HowToGeek. I’m more interested in the thoughts of people who live where I do. So what do you think of Win10? I want to install, but I keep backing off, because the water is warm at Win7, though it is beginning to stagnate.

But anyway... ON to the show! Release the Shift keys!!