Hey everybody!!! Happy Friday! I wish I could PARTY DOWN with you ALL, in person. Then we could be sick together afterwords, and share that near-death experience known as ‘the morning after’.

This is to say that sometimes I have an upwelling of feeling for the people I know, including the ones I’ve only met in their digital pixel form. Here is the feeling, in a nutshell.

So... and so... we are gathered here today, to talk. To talk about December. To commiserate or rejoice at the holidays. To talk about the look that you anticipate on your kids’ faces when they see what Santa brought. And there’s a hope, too, that Christmas will surprise you and us in a good way, the way it did when we were kids and there *really was* magic happening.


Do you remember looking under the tree as a really small kid and wondering ‘is that for me’? ‘where did it come from’? I think the tree was magic, with its lights, and its presents that seemed to have appeared from nowhere— and some of them were for me, though who knows if I deserved them, even at that young age when I was still learning how to test the patience of my nearest relatives.

I see this is getting long, and who wants to read much on a Friday.? I do want to thank Revanchist for giving me this spot. Thanks Rev!!! You are the cat of cats!!


Speaking of which...


Before I go I’ll just add that I’m full throttle for hearing about what people are up to as the 25th creeps closer. Do you think you’ll survive? Is there something left in the way of magic from Xmas’s past? Anything left of your bank balance? Do you just feel relieved when the day is over and sanity returns?

The mic is now open!