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Mobile Site (to use instead of a native app) Roundup

There was a write-up on Lifehacker last year about how the Facebook mobile site is a better experience (especially on Android) than using the app, and as a bonus less of a resource hog.


I say this is still true today, but not just for Facebook.

I've been using the mobile site instead of the app for these as well and haven't felt like I'm missing out on a better experience. ETA: this is all based on Android, so the experience (either for the mobile site or native app) may differ for iOS or WP.




Open Table




And as a bonus, I save some space on my phone, and don't have to worry about these apps running in the background.


Anyone know of any other mobile sites that are just as good (or maybe even better) than the app, and want to list them in the comments?

Or any apps that are necessary because they offer something the mobile site doesn't?


In my case that would be:

Instagram - as far as I can tell, the app is necessary to upload anything

Google+ - if I want to make use of the aut0-backup for pictures/video feature

Youtube - I like the app interface better on mobile, and it has Chromecast

Any banking app - especially if they have the "deposit a check using your phone" feature.


Bonus: If you're on Android, and have any of these cloud storage services, you can link to them in ES File Explorer, instead of having an app for each: Box, SugarSync, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, S3, Yandex, Bitcasa, MediaFire. But that does involve a certain level of trust since you're providing access to any cloud storage you link.

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