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What is more cost-effective, moving your things to a house by yourself or hire professional movers?

That was the issue spinning in my head as well as in my wife’s when we were forced to move to a new house, lately. We had to move so I can grab an opportunity of a lifetime!


Let me explain. At the time, there’s an unexpected phenomenal development in my career. I was being pirated as a program director for a new branch of a radio station.

Why did I grab the opportunity right away?

In my old job I was an ordinary Disc Jockey, but since a company on the rise saw promise in me, they called me secretly for an interview. They want me to take the position of program director. (When I got the call, I was still working as a DJ in my old radio station and was one of the star DJs). With this kind of opportunity landing on my lap, I wasn’t able to say no.

The only thing was — I had to transfer to another city. Well, to me it’s a small price to pay for a life-changing promotion.

So I started to talk to my wife and she agreed that I’ll go for the promotion. The only thing left to be discussed was whether to move everything by ourselves or hire professional movers.


We got excited about my promotion motivating us to ask around and to research on some tips we can find to help us with our unplanned moving to another place. We found some great points discussed in this post.


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The DIY Option

Here are the lessons I learned, first hand and some picked up from Mover’s Corp.:

Excluding the gasoline, just renting the truck would have cost us $1,100. The truck gets 10 miles per gallon and it’s 900 miles to our new address. Computing for the cost, we have $5.15 x 90 gallons. That would result to $463.50 if I have a solid 10 miles per gallon. Which is unlikely because we would be climbing mountains on the way.


An estimated price of the truck plus the gasoline is now $1,563.50. But that’s not all, we would need a dolly or two, which would cost us ($20 each). We would also need blankets and padding at $50-$70, saran wrap, rolls of them, that might cost about $20-$40. Add to that, we would need to hire local movers from each location to help us move the heavy stuff. This would cost about $60 per person per hour.

Adding those to our estimate would cost us extra $300 to $400 to the truck expenses making the total estimated cost $1,963.50 or so. Then...logically thinking about the long drive, I would not be able to do the travel straight, so, most probably, we would be forced to stay in a hotel adding another $90 to $110 to the total cost.


More or less, the price would reach up to around $2000. A cost that is, by all angles, not a nice sight to see. Add to that the stress of all the driving, and the fact there’s no insurance.

Think about all those bits of info and the expenses. The total amount is not a low price to pay. Thinking that you’d like to save some cash. The reason you thought of going for the DIY option in the first place.


Photo Credit: Longoria Moving via Compfight cc

The hiring professionals option

I went around window shopping for movers and I was happy to have found out that most of them gave a fairly reasonable estimate. In fact, they gave an estimate that is around the same amount that the others gave. So I’m confident there is actually a prevailing rate for their service.


Things included when hiring a movers company:

  1. Movers are included on both ends. (From the place of origin to the new address. The staff who picks up your personal properties and things from your former home, and the guys who will deliver your things into your new abode).
  2. Moving pads and blankets
  3. Dollies
  4. Wardrobe boxes

And here are the things I enjoyed:

a. I can drive my own wheels at my own sweet pace and get there when I get there. No pressure and I can do it all in one day. (Hotel expenses is eradicated, too). :-)


b. Add to the fact that I don’t have to do the heavy lifting at either end, and I signed on a formal contract; very clean deal.

The estimate:

> What’s the total estimate? $3,362.00 or only $1362 more than doing it ourselves.


> That price includes the moving truck, essential materials, (of course) the gas, the driving—all the work (practically!), plus $40,000 in insurance…everything for just $3,362.

The good thing about it is that all the companies that gave the estimates said they usually over-estimate. That means we might get some of the cash back when the job is done. Now, tell me why I should not be smiling getting this option.


At times it’s worth the effort to invest the extra cash to have professionals do the job for you, and for me and my wife, this is a perfect illustration. It helps me from breaking my back, damaging some delicate stuff, avoiding a truck mishap (I have no idea how to drive a truck) and it allows me and my wife (and of course, Reign, our pet dog) to travel together and prepare our new place for the movers to arrive days after we get there. Knowing what moving is like (stressful and tiring), I believe this could be the best extra $1,000 I have decided to spend in a while.

Photo Credit: Longoria Moving via Compfight cc

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