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Music Intensifies Your Focus & Maximizes Your Productivity (Neuroscience Proves It)

Most people underestimate the power of music. But they can’t deny the impact music has on their lives by way of the entertainment industry, and the performing arts. (I should know — while working as a freelance writer, I’m also a musician, a songwriter, and a programming consultant for an FM radio station).

This leads us to music’s impact on the workplace and on work itself. Does music help you work better? When you listen to music while working, does it help you to be more productive? What about focus? Does it help you concentrate better? Well, it depends on the music you use. This premise will be explained thoroughly here.


Let me introduce you to a productivity music service called focus@will.

What is focus@will?

Tell you what, I can rave about their service on and on (I’ve been using the service and I have benefited from it every time I work) but, I know you’ll appreciate it better if I’ll show you what experts say about what the music service offers.


“focus@will is a new neuroscience-based music service that helps you focus, reduce distractions and retain information when working, studying, writing and reading. The technology is based on hard science and proven to be extremely effective at extending your attention span.” ~ focus@will

No matter what you do — write stories, admin work, design websites, paint visuals, or any other kind of work, you’ll love what focus@will offers: better focus, reduced distractions, and retain information much better. All these are important to me — a freelance writer. (When writing, I read volumes, and volumes of materials prior to assembling a piece together). The sustained focus focus@will offers is priceless. It helps me come up with more work in less time.


Students can take advantage of the website, too. You need to bury your head in books, you must study. While doing that, you wouldn’t want distractions, and you need a heightened focus, right? focus@will can be your sanctuary. This piece of info will explicate thoroughly.

Addressing the process of habituation

Your brain can’t keep focusing on a stimulus for more than 100 continuous minutes. At least that’s for most people, and that’s based on recent studies. After those uninterrupted minutes, your brain starts “tuning out” or what science calls the process of habituation. This is where the productivity music service comes in.


“Each piece of music phase sequenced by focus@will has a specific role in influencing how your brain habituates, enhancing your focus and reducing distractions. Characteristics such as musical key, intensity, arrangement, speed, emotional values, recording style, and much more determine what is played where and when.” ~ focus@will

Just to make things clearer, I want to show you this graphic:


Notice the valleys on the graphic? Those are the times focus@will helps you maintain focus and remain productive. Instead of losing focus, your alertness level is maintained, distractions remain outside of your work zone, and the information is better retained. This proves the impact of correct music to use when working. And that’s why focus@will is a blessing for us, freelance writers, and of course, for you, too.

You can learn more about how to remain alert and productive while working by checking the links below.


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