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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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Need Autologin Addon for Firefox 35

Hi Hackerspacers.

I wonder if someone could suggest an Ffx addon that would import my saved passwords and fill them in whenever I go to certain places, like this one. I'm on the latest beta of v35. What I want is for this addon to somehow take me to a site and auto log me in. I don't mean autofill when I click within a field, I mean I want this tool to do it all for me, in some kind of secure way, maybe taking the form of a toolbar button or bookmark.


I am so sick and tired of logging in manually, even with Firefox's autofill at work. It is a small thing, but it adds up. I don't want an outside service to do this. I want a local addon. Can someone help? Many thanks!

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