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Hey all, or whoever’s here.

My bluetooth exercise on W7/10 has failed. The os says that my comp doesn’t have bt, though it does. W7 sees it, but won’t allow me to install drivers for it, so it sits there with a yellow triangle in device manager— when it’s there at all. Something is broken, and it may not be my fault. Maybe Dell put in some pos bluetooth radio, one that is there but won’t configure.
I tried to install drivers for bt, but W7 blocked me at so many points. They have to do with permissions. Dell’s driver updater exe runs into problems creating Start Menu entries, and once that happens, there is no choice but to ‘retry’ or back out of the install entirely.

I wish my machine weren’t an oem. I could then use one of the ISOs from MS and reinstall W7 from scratch. I don’t have any Dell-specific install or recovery disks. They were either lost or tossed at some point. My bad for sure.

Early on, I tried to get Dell to send me new disks, but for tech help, Dell is hell. I ran a gauntlet of phone support people who either didn’t understand me, or I them.

The thing is, the more I’m thwarted by this problem, the more I want to solve it.

The goal was to get bluetooth to work on a Dell Inspiron 17r 7010, either on W7 or 10. The radio is there in the bios, can be enabled or disabled. It’s under Wireless, but bt itself has no sub-settings to work with.

I’m either dedicated to fixing this, or obsessed.... there’s a difference? : )

Also, wifi acts strangely; though the Dell is right next to my router, Windows claims the connection is weak or has ‘reduced functionality’... I think that was the phrase. It works, but it’s as though the router and comp were at opposite corners of my home. I simply don’t know what to make of that one, or what to do about it. Maybe it’s related to the bt issues ... my knowledge of this stuff isn’t so much. Ethernet connectivity works fine, but the laptop’s wifi is weak and slower than it should be.

As for bluetooth on Win10, the os says I don’t have any bluetooth. There’s no toggle in Action Center, nor any entries in Device Manager. Frustrating, it is.


If anyone can make suggestions or needs clarification on what’s going on, please can you post? Thanks much!

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