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If you have accidentally lost files from your iPhone, I can relate to that. That’s bad news. Now here’s good news—I can help you to avoid losing files ever again. Today, there are tools available to retrieve lost data and I will help you learn how to use one on this post.

First, let me tell you a little story. One time, I was playing with my 5 year old nephew, when out of the blue he asked me, “Can I borrow your phone?” Like always, he wanted to play games on it. He’s my favorite, so I said, “Ok, here you go”as I handed my iPhone to him.


I thought, everything will be ok, he won’t damage my iPhone. So I even turned on the app for him. Then I left the little one for a moment and thought everything was cool.

But I was wrong!

When I got my phone back, my photos were gone; the important text messages were nowhere to be found; and my favorite songs were missing.

It’s a complete disaster! The photos saved on my iPhone were taken from family events and gatherings. They are special. But what can I do, I can’t blame a 5-year old kid, can I?


All the precious images—missing in action!

Did this ever happen to you?

I hope not. And even if it did, I want to save you from further frustration. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, as you can see. Now, I use iPhone data recovery apps to prevent me from losing phone data again. I suggest, you do the same. That way, you can avoid being irritated.


If you don’t want to lose data, especially the important ones, use Coolmuster data recovery for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It stores your files so you can recover them any time you want.

Curious how Coolmuster works and how it can change your life? Read on.

Recover 9 types of files

Recover data directly from iPad, iPhone and iPod, including call history, contacts, messages, note, safari, calendar, voice memos, photos and more.


Recover files easily

No need to connect your iOS devices to computer. Coolmuster automatically scans your iTunes backup files and regains lost files for iPhone, iPad, iPod on Windows. If you need more info about how to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone, you can check Coolmuster’s official site.


Organize files with a click

All synced files are divided into different folders according to type so you can easily find and locate your target files.


Support iDevices

Support all models of Apple’s iDevices, including iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 2, iPad mini, the new iPad and iPod touch 4, iPod nano/shuffle, etc.


Preview Data Before The Recovery

All file info are displayed in the main interface. You can check details of messages, call history, notes, calendar, and more before recovering them. This way, you can pick the files you want to retrieve, leaving out the ones you don’t need.


You don’t have to scan a ton of files

Sort files according to file type. Your files are categorized into different folders. Just check these folders to find and preview the files you want.


No annoying ads and spyware

Nobody wants to see annoying ads. With Coolmuster, enjoy the cool features without worrying about adware, spyware, and viruses.


It’s easy to take data recovery apps for granted. I get it. I was one of the people who thought data recovery apps were not necessary. But the truth is, your phone holds valuable information that can get lost with just a single tap.

You don’t need the nightmare of losing important messages, call history, or images. Try using a data recovery app today, and save yourself from regret in the future.


But most of all, don’t let kids play with your phone without supervision.

Photo: Girl Taking Photo With Smartphone On Sunny Day by Ed Gregory

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