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New Jailbreak Podcast: Jailbreaking for all

Jailbreaking for All: News, tips, tweaks, themes and more.

A new jailbreak podcast aimed at bringing users up to date and offering advice and insight on jailbreak security and troubleshooting issues.


Jailbreaking for all is brought to you by, a new upcoming site aiming at creating a unique experience for users, developers, themers, and enthusiasts to make a community where everyone benefits. So far we are starting small and having fun along the way. We would like to invite everyone and anyone to participate in the comments of our posts and to contact us on our social media if you need anything or have any questions.

Here is the link to our post for the podcast. This is our very first one and I am very impressed that Peter did such a good job with our low tech equipment (mainly mine) you can follow him on twitter here; @iPeterCao, he is an intensely driven artist and an great asset to our team and above all a good friend. Without his hard work and dedication we wouldn't have this podcast, all thanks must go to him.

You can look out for more post here updating everyone about whats going on about the site and other things.

I also do reddit round up threads in the /r/jailbreak sub. My most recent one hasn't came out yet because it's going to be a huge one. User /u/TomLube will be helping me as he has a deeper knowledge of how iOS works and he will help break down some of the more complex things into terms we all can digest. He has joined our team as Lead Tester and brings to the plate a level of understanding few but developers have. You can check the round ups out by following me on reddit. We are also going to be launching a series of jailbreak clinics on the subreddit sometime soon, we still need to figure out the details but we will keep you updated.


I would also like to mention that we are still actively recruiting for writers and other positions on the team. Please contact me on reddit for more information.

Thanks guys and stay tuned for more!

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