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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

It’s late in the game and who knows if there’s any who will read this or use it. But better late than never again. Right? : )

Ok so once upon an eon ago, someone here or at HowToGeek was saying they needed a way to schedule a Windows backup with Task Scheduler, and then have TS sleep or shut down the computer.

They couldn’t find a way, nor could I. There probably is a way out there, just needs the right search terms maybe.

Meantime, I am using a workaround, and it really *is* a workaround. The way is to first make sure the computer is in one of the power-saving states, such as Power Saver or Balanced. That done, run the backup tool and then leave the computer. It won’t snooze the backup, but it ought to sleep itself after everything’s done.

So far, no snags, except it’s not the ultimate fix.

Happy computing!


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