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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

It never hurts to repeat these tips, to myself included. Cut-copy-paste-undo-redo work in all manner of places on Windows, not just among words.

Deleted a file? Want it back? Stop where you are and press ctrl+z. Rename a file or group of files? Stop where you are and do the same, ctrl+z.

Do you need to redo something, or repeat an action within an application? Ctrl+Y might help again.

If you changed a file’s extension name(s), ctrl+z puts it back to how it was, so long as you do it right away.

Ctrl+a will select all files, ctrl+c will copy, ctrl+x will cut them. Ctrl+v will paste them elsewhere. Ctrl+z will undo the whole thing, provided you do it right away.

Related: If you want a key combo that will move all files in a folder to some other folder, and you have Autohotkey around, there’s this thing that I made once. A very short little script-let.

~$^+.:: ; ctrl+shift+period
FileMove, c:\downloads\*.*, o:\elsewhere

^^ Ctrl+shift+period moves all files in a folder called Downloads (in the root of your C drive), and sends them to a folder named “elsewhere” which is at the root of another drive, “o” in this case.

FileCopy can be substituted as well. You can have these commands be more selective about what files they handle. E.g. jpg, txt, mp3 etc. Or *marilynforever*.jpg, so that a file(s) can be copied or moved, based on part of a name that they share.

Best of all, you never have to open either the source or destination folders to get the files moved— the key combo just goes ahead and does it.


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