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Open Thread For The Undead: Scary Moons And Spooky Dorothys

Hey, all you undead LH readers! When we left off last week, Burt was kidnapped by aliens. Dutch was on the run from people who wanted to hurt him. Jessica is seeing a tennis instructor and Unis...

Wait. No. That was an episode of Soap. My bad.

But, since we are here, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Elena has been working hard on Hackerspace. She’s basically going through everything in setting up a new business, so it’s pretty sounds advice, talking about setting up books, a name brand, and the basics of starting a business. I’m going to start cross-posting her new stuff to Backtalk, as she is the kinda person the crowd likes.


The Story of My Life posted a nice recap of how to get further with help desk/tech support issues, which can really be applied to most processes in business.

Someone who does post often enough here, Tanmay Patange, gave us a run down of Cortana vs Siri. Personally, I don’t want my tech looking at me, listening to me, or divulging any more to the public than necessary.

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