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Open Thread: Friday is My Day!

Not really. It’s more work and then a car trip to LA. There is a baby shower tomorrow for a friend of ours on Saturday. She had her baby on Friday night, but that little one came at 33 weeks, so a bit of a sneak attack. Baby is doing okay, though, and that is all that matters.

With that baby shower comes responsibility, though. I might not be able to attend. However, I might be babysitting a bunch of kids of other parents who are attending by taking them to Chuck E Cheese and letting them have some fun.


I’ll take them elsewhere for food, because I don’t hate the kids. CEC’s pizza is either hit or miss. Last time I went the pizza was good. The time before that was terrible. They seem to go through cycles from what I have seen over the last decade.

In other news, my budgets for work are almost complete. I need to not work 13 hour days anymore, so this is great news for me. The process for budgets where I work are thorough and detailed. For instance, a conveyor belt has the rollers, a gearbox, a motor, the belt, the frame, and probably some other parts. Well, which ones are going to need replaced and what is the cost of a new parts. It’s all listed out for all the machinery, except tools. The detail is huge! I enjoy the details and working with the other managers to get this done. It’s been a truly inspirational and time consuming event, but well worth the time and effort.

Enough about me and my antics, let’s get to talking about your projects, your lives, and your hopes and dreams. Let’s discuss them below, if you please.

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