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Welcome to Open Thread Friday. This is my first time posting/hosting so be kind to me :) And I hope that title passes muster.

So, we got around 13 inches of snow from Wednesday morning until Thursday by noon. It should have been nice, pretty, fun to watch (I came home early Wednesday so I wouldn’t have to drive with all the idiots during rush hour which is a whole ‘nother post!) but...not so much. The wind blew so hard it sounded like my house was being peeled like a lemon. The plows came by twice on Thursday and left a 3 foot berm at the end of the driveway and I’m pretty sure my two Dobermans are going potty when I let them out, but I can’t really tell because the snow is so deep, it’s way past their bellies. Thank goodness, our semi-done fireplace has a roaring fire on the hearth and if we’d lost power, we’d have at least been warm.


Which brings me to an ongoing thing some of you might have seen me comment on in past Open Threads. Our fireplace. Our newest hack is that the backer board is up over the non-existent mantel and the skin coat is on. Hopefully by this weekend, we’ll have some stone on the front. Maybe by next year, we’ll have a mantel. Maybe.

This is not me. This is my husband overthinking things until he’s paralyzed with researching things before he does them. He doesn’t have that problem at work. He builds the #4 Corvette motor for the GTLM LeMans class. Does those in his sleep! When it comes to this stuff...forever! So, my question to you all is, how many of you take on stuff in the house and how do you go about it? Calling a contractor for anything except a final, last ditch effort doesn’t count.

Talk to me, I really want to know what others do and how long it takes them. Tell me your yay and nay stories so I don’t feel alone in this. Tell me anything. Let’s talk. It’s going to be a long, snowy week...

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