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Open Thread In Style

Good day to you all, kind people of the internet! Welcome to another open thread, hosted by Hackerspace for you all, the Lifehacker masses. Spring break is upon us, and that means your professors will assign a ton of homework. Yeah!

This week on Hackerspace, Tanvir gave us a quick gift buying guide. It’s quite practical for those last minute not-sure-what-to-do gifts.


This weekend we are making Russian Easter bread and the accompanying cheese. The cheese takes a couple of days, but the bread just takes one day. One long day. And we make a lot of it. Here’s what the end result looks like.

The cheese isn’t pictured, but you get the idea of what the bread looks like. We let the kids decorate the top with sprinkles, crosses, and various Easter decor.

So, what are you folks up to? Any fun projects? Comment below, please!

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