Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Good day to you, the users of Hackerspace. Today, I’d like to talk to you about signing up for hosting an Open Thread on a Friday.

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Which Friday? Well, we have a fine assortment of Fridays to choose from.

Sept 23rd:

Sept 30th: Dorothy!

Oct 7th: Tig’s day, as I’ll be in Mexico at a beach wedding getting my party on. :)


Oct 14th:

Oct 21st:

Oct 28th: Rat Fink, to spread the wealth.

Nov 4th:

Please choose a day with a comment of what day you would like in the comments below. We will fill your request as fairly as possible. We don’t always have room for all of the requests, but we can always expand our dates listed to accommodate people, as necessary.

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