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Open Thread: Trust Me, I Know Sorta What I'm Doing

Greetings and salutations, my kind people! I hope all your leaps of faith end up in the right place this fine day.

Let’s talk shop. Or anything else. It’s an open thread!

This week, I interviewed for a promotion. I’m probably going to get it (99% chance), and have already been told by everyone it’s mine. I just have a hard time until I see it in writing. So, that is some good news heading my way.


In other news, I’m taking some kids to the local planetarium this weekend. And probably cleaning the gutters. Fixing the bathroom fan last week had it’s challenges, for sure. It was easy, just not as easy as I thought, due to the age and initial install they did. But, I worked through it and everything is running perfectly.

So, what are you up to, Hackerspace? Leave me some talk in the bottom part of this. You know the drill.

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