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Hello. Welcome to the Friday open thread, where I wonder what the open thread has in common with OpenOffice, OpenTable, the Australian Open, and open sesame before concluding that I'm a halfwit who should not be allowed to open anything without supervision.

This week on Hackerspace, members old and new posted excellent how-to guides on a number of subjects. The incorrectly named Cats don't wear pants showed us how to catalog magazine (or book, or game, or music) collections with Libib. Former teen idol huh989 told us how to replace an expensive Starbucks habit with a sub-$100 machine, shared some wisdom about latte-making, then trolled me. People who enjoy saving money may also like this piece by Oliver Baker, who built a Raspberry Pi-based web server for just $35.


Last but not least, my pal Teapot (who previously wrote this great piece on acquiring free food in college) asked us a few questions about MacBook specs and accessories. The thread is only a day old, so please go there and share your tips if you have any, especially if your name is omnichad.

Today's open thread is brought to you by Hackerspace, a prescription drug approved by the FDA to treat #firstworldproblems. Side effects may include enlightenment, perspective, self-actualization, wish fulfillment, an end to all your problems, and gratitude.


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