Ok I fixed the script that I had to scratch from a previous post.

I find this kind of ahk toggling to be very handy. This script in particular will open a designated file, so you can make edits, then close it again, all with the same key combination.

The opening/closing happens with the key combo #numpad9, which is, the Win key and the number 9 on the numeric keypad. This can be changed according to need. More importantly, the file name itself can be changed, as you'll want to, should you decide to try the script.

To my knowledge, there is nothing faster for opening/editing/closing a specific ever-changing text file, word doc or anything really.

As the script acts upon #numpad9, it also waits on that same combo, so that to open is to close it again. Naturally, if you change the hotkey at the top of the script, it will need to be reflected on line 2 as well.

When you close, you're prompted (as normal) to save changes. If you made no changes, the file is simply closed.

Try it out with an oft-edited file of your own. IF ever there were a productivity boost, I found it in these relatively few lines that I pulled together.

And now the script.


keywait, #numpad9
if toggle := !toggle
Run, C:\myfiles\events.txt
send, !{F4}


Hope you like.