File this securely in the "not for everyone" folder, but there is an argument to be made for organizing bookshelves based on color. Being babies of the eighties, my wife and I don't buy many physical books anymore. We do have a smallish book collection though that fit between two bookshelves, among other decor objects.

To my chagrin, I am not skilled at remembering names or titles. I usually can picture the cover of a book without a problem though. For this reason, I'm a little better at finding "that book I'm thinking of" with shelves organized this way, given the small size of the library.


As to the aesthetics of it, we initially gave this method a shot first right after moving and we weren't huge fans of it, and it took some playing with it, but it really grew on us. Here are my tips:

  • Avoid rainbows/gradients
  • Only one color per shelf
  • Random book heights/orientation
  • Only for small book collections with lots of shelf-space
  • Break up the books with stuff

If done right, I think this looks good. Here's one that I can't get behind. Too many books for this, just doesn't look good to me, but to each's own.

Addtional credits [Lifeisartislife]

Image: Wordpress, Flickr