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OS X Finder Extension Concept

I have a pretty good idea floating in my head for something I think OS X's Finder has always been lacking. I don't want to throw it up here for someone to steal, but at this point I don't have the time, resources, or programmer friends for this to go anywhere on my own.

So turning to a community I like, I am requesting some feedback on the concept and maybe even any contenders for programmers who know Cocoa and Objective-C. Or maybe this will just be something to look at.

I always found the Cover Flow view to be ugly and difficult to use, and the normal Icon view's tiny previews are too tiny. Even when zooming the icons to a bigger size, a huge amount of space in the window is wasted.


So, the idea is for a much better Gallery view in Finder. I've made a very rough mock-up, pictured below.

The gist of it is this: for any Finder window, in any folder, with any type of file, you would be able to see large previews of all the files in justified rows. This would be similar to how iPhoto lays out photos, except here the rows are justified, the borders are consistent, no space is wasted, and it would preview any type of file including text and user scripts in a Finder window. Documents would not be pointless previews of the whole document in a tiny image as OS X likes to do, rather it would show the first chunk of the document in a size that is big enough to read. I think audio files would show a waveform preview with a play button that scrolls the waveform as it plays.

I am aware OS X Yosemite is being released soon, giving everything a facelift. I did see something about OS X getting a Finder view similar to iOS's gallery, with square previews in grouped in "Moments." Because of that, I almost gave up on the idea. But it is still different enough and ideal in my mind as a way to navigate certain folders, that I would really like to see this developed.

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