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Outsource Your Content – It’s Good For Your Business

Ask any active online content creator and marketer about digital marketing today, and she will tell you – (a) content marketing and (b) content creation, are highly perceived as the most important marketing tools available now. In this information loaded digital world, the business owner who produces and publishes quality content that helps customers is way ahead of the pack.

When done properly and effectively, content creation and content marketing, will usher in business relationships that are not only productive, but also full of meaning. Additionally, it also develops trust and brand loyalty among customers. To reiterate, if your marketing efforts are well planned and executed effectively, you can tee-up your business as an authority in your industry. Besides, it’s a great way to establish your business as a brand people can rely on.


With the ongoing cutthroat competition among websites, the pressure of constantly churning out content is extra stressful. However, if you want to win in the digital game, you have to deliver massive loads of content continuously. It should be a non-stop activity.

Based on the latest surveys, more than half of online marketers, to be more specific about it, 53% of them admit that they are unable to satisfy the demand for valuable content needed to uphold the interest of their readers. This is the reason more and more marketers resort to outsourcing talent. They badly need remote workers in order to produce content needed to stay afloat in the marketplace.

While contrasting views abound regarding this matter, outsourcing can actually be a perfect solution to the need for more relevant content as long as your efforts are well planned and executed effectively.

How to get started

The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself – why are you doing content marketing? What are your goals? Why do you want to accomplish them? Your success, or lack thereof, will depend on your answer or answers to the questions above. So I suggest, be crystal clear and definite about your answers. Do you want readers to talk about your brand, non-stop, on social media? Then partner with great content creators focused on social media engagement. Writers who have the knack to incite reaction from audiences. Hire wordsmiths who naturally love interacting with people. On the other hand, in case you want to build yourself as an industry authority, you need to surround yourself with writers who have many years of experience in your chosen field. Like what I have expressed earlier, your specific goals will determine which tools are appropriate to use for your purposes and which approach is practical to use in your overall marketing efforts.


You might choose ‘directed traffic’ as the base of your marketing strategy. This marketing technique utilizes a good mix of platforms in order to get the desired outcome. For instance, your style involves the use of various social media platforms to attract traffic. Of course, by this time, we assume your blog showcases quality content (the ones supplied by your outsourced writer). As expected, your content helps you direct the said traffic to specific landing pages designed to convert visitors into actual buyers.

Identify Your Target Audience

Let us be clear about this — your target audience is the group of people you want to listen to your marketing message. Early on, it is crucial for your business to identify your target audience. Obviously, you won’t be able to cater to the needs of your marketing demographic unless you identify them and discover where they hang out, where they frequently shop, or what kind of stuff they grab from the stores. Focusing on your target demographic guides you on your way to create content fitted to the preferences of your potential clients.


To find your target audience, the preliminary step you have to take is to aboutpinpoint and develop some customer profiles. A few is fine. In the profiles, fill in information that includes age, gender, location, special preferences, and income level. Also significant is to determine their needs. What are their aches or pains? Discover them. Having a clear picture of your target audience helps you formulate fresh ideas for content. That’s of utmost importance – churning out newly cooked materials they can devour with gusto. And not just any material, mind you! They must be relevant materials carefully fashioned after their specific needs. Now, let me be extreme and say, the more intimate you are with your audience, the better you can serve them. Find out minute specifics. Stuff like — the brand of coffee they like sipping in the morning. Do they use brown sugar, or do they prefer artificial sweetener for their coffee? What’s their choice, anyway: coffee or tea? What’s the type of undies they love wearing. Yep, even this kind of info will help a lot. Have you observed? The list is quite long. The main point is — the more intimate you are with your ideal customer, the more you can serve them. To emphasize the point, Forbes contributor Mark Evans writes: “by clearly identifying target audiences, it becomes easier to capture someone’s attention because their needs and goals are front and [center].”


Evade Outsourcing Pitfalls

A delicate step; a crucial one, in making sure success in your outsourcing efforts is to pick a platform that allows you to have control over the entire process of content creation. If possible, right from the start down to its publication.


Content creation and management platforms like Ebyline scrutinize all their partner writers, supply a diverse set of tools to help you manage multiple projects. These tools will also assist you in closely monitoring communication with the writers, and ultimately keep you abreast with rewarding them right upon completing tasks.

Spend time studying the ins and outs of the platform you pick as soon as you can. Maximize all its features including the advanced ones. This will give you more time to foster professional relationships with writers you prefer working with and whom you can trust.


Take time to sample many writers to accumulate quality contributions. Start with some simple writing tasks on the platform’s job board just to see who among the writers you fancy could meet your standards. That way, you can include them in a special list labeled ‘favorite content creators’.

When your list of writers who are consistently submitting first-rate contributions grows, your allotted supervision time to check their progress, and to edit submissions will decrease. Finally, it’s best to master how to provide clear, concise, and thorough instructions. It’s a foundational ability you need to develop over time in order to efficiently run your business.


Detailed and in-depth instructions will reduce the time spent on revisions. Writing thorough instructions also guarantees quality content. This process will inform your writers ahead of time exactly what you desire.

Coping with Obstacles

Outsourcing content creation naturally spawns numerous fears. Let me show you some examples. Some organizations worry that if they do outsource creators to contribute content, they will not be in control of the brand’s voice anymore. This could happen, but it’s good to be reminded that part of the professional writers’ job is to familiarize themselves with the organization’s core values, target market, and unique tone. It would be wise to supply them with a comprehensive primer on how to write materials that meet your standards. This detailed guide will ensure content bearing the brand’s voice.


There are other fears. Among them is the fear of poorly written articles. If you give clear, specific, and elaborate instructions, and manage good relationships with content creators, you’ll be consistently supplied with quality posts. Make sure you hire writers with extensive knowledge regarding your niche. Always peruse writers’ background and check whether they are experts in your field. Hire writers who have an excellent grasp of the English language. This way, you can avoid content that can be considered rubbish.

Employing an editor, as Idio Platform (a content creation and management site) recommends, can address these concerns. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your editor scrutinizes every content, making sure all materials published carry the prescribed company standard. This will ultimately eliminate the time spent on checking and editing the articles yourself.


Finally, this could well be the best business decision you’ll ever make — to outsource your content. Why? A consistent supply of superb content will catapult your business to reach higher levels of success. Now, the key to outsourcing success is to start with a thorough study of your audience. Get to know your target audience intimately. Next, formulate a solid marketing plan. Then employ the services of expert writers; and, not to forget, supply them with clear and concise instructions.

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