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Pass Any Filetype Between Android Devices Via Bluetooth

Android: You have two devices, one file, and zero connection to the internet. If that file is a common filetype, you can use bluetooth to pass it along however that only works with a small subset of filetypes (think jpg, gif...). Your file isn't one of the accepted filetypes. What's a user to do?

I recently ran into this issue because I have two devices, a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, and one saved game file that I wanted to pass in between (Final Fantasy Dimensions, for the curious). I was on a plane and since I didn't want to pony up $15 to access the in-flight wifi, I couldn't use apps like Carbon, Dropbox, or any of the other cloud based file transfer options. One of my devices was running out of battery and I needed to transfer the game file to the other if I wanted to keep playing.


Instead of giving up, I simply used my file explorer to rename the required game file to a .jpg. I used the file explorer's share menu to transfer it to my other device and then remove the .jpg and move it to the right spot on the SD card. It required root on both devices because of where this particular game stores the save file, but this hack would work for any file, really. I used a similar method on my PC to get around my work email server restricting .exe and .zip attachments.

Now, it should be noted that on flights, I believe you're not supposed to use bluetooth at all, though in a brief google search, I didn't come back with a 100% definitive answer if this was accurate or not. I chose to ignore and do it anyways, but you may feel differently.

Image: Flickr [cc]

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