In November I bought my son a new computer for Christmas off of newegg. It was a terrific deal, but when I plugged it in it would only stay on for a second or two at a time.

I figured this was due to the computer being refurbished and having a slightly too small power supply (300watts pushing an i7-3770, and gtx-650) so me being silly, I put off purchasing a new power supply until today. I installed a new 520watt supply which should handle a decent gfx card upgrade for his bday next summer.

Problem was, once installed, the computer still wouldn't start up properly. I got an aching pain in my gut as I hopelessly was staring down my sons big gift. But try as it may, that didn't stop me from troubleshooting, I checked the connections 3 times over (and found the main motherboard power supply cable was 4 pins short! I plugged in the missing cable and... Nada, same issues.

Then, it hit me, the power button must be having issues, I looked up the pc model and sure enough I had found my problem, a little figeting around later and I managed to offset the faceplate giving some room for the power button to operate properly. I am soooo pumped now.

I fixed a thing! I saved christmas! I am sooo tired now I am going to bed and will read any potential responses to this post in the morning.

Good night you all.