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Peer-Tweet is a Twitter clone which utilizes the BitTorrent DHT network to give users privacy and control over there content.

BitTorrent’s DHT is probably one of the most resilient and censorship-resistant networks on the internet. PeerTweet uses this network to allow users to broadcast tweets to anyone who is listening. When you start PeerTweet, it generates a hash@33cwte8iwWn7uhtj9MKCs4q5Ax7B which is similar to your Twitter username (ex. @lmatteis). The difference is that you have entire control over what can be posted because only you own the private key associated with such address. Furthermore, thanks to the DHT, what you post cannot be stopped by any government or institution.


The app requires some familiarity with Node.js to setup and the author notes that it is still in an alpha testing state, so don’t expect it to be anything more than something fun to tinker with for the time being.

While the limitations of DHT’s privacy make the service a little less convenient than Twitter, it should provide needed anonymity and control for those who live in areas that restrict and censor the Internet.

Peer-Tweet [Github]

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